Custom built horseboxes to the highest of quality

High Quality Horseboxes

Built to last

AJ Horseboxes build practical horseboxes made to last.  Ensuring the utmost comfort & safety for both you and your horse.  Quality workmanship and attention to detail at a price that suits every budget.

Here are a few, but not limited, options;

  • Building a new box on a new sourced chassis
  • Building a new box on your own chassis
  • Conversion of a box van
  • Swapping your existing horsebox body onto a new chassis
  • Supply a new GRP box body for your chassis

Rome was not built in a day so why should a horsebox be?  AJ Horseboxes can accommodate part or stage built boxes to help with Clients budgets.

Occasionally we have a selection of horseboxes for sale from our own chassis and builds, as well as carefully vetted boxes for sale on behalf of Clients.


Horsebox Repairs

We cover all repairs from new floors and accident repairs to paintwork and details, and it’s not just the large wagons we work on.  AJ Horseboxes Ltd have projects from Trailers through to HGV wagons.

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Horsebox For Sale

Our stock is forever changing in the yard, we usually have a range of horse lorries for sale including 3.5 ton, 7.5 ton and larger.

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