Fiamma Turbo Vent – White


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Fiamma Turbovent 160 with polar control – White
It exchanges air quickly with its variable speed 12v DC motor and 10 bladed fan. Electronic controls allow rapid change of direction of fan rotation. The version Polar Control has the electronic climate control thermostat controlling the fan operation to cool to your set temperature. The vent cover is opened and closed manually the centrally mounted arm pole provides increased stability against wind even while traveling with the cover open. Vent is provided with double mosquito screen to avoid accumulation of leaves and other debris that would impede operation of fan. Can be simply installed to any roof from 30mm to 85mm thick using the extension kit supplied as standard with the product. Absorbed power 33w, Current consumption min 0.5Amp, max. 2.6Amp, Max airflow, 35m3/min, Fan diameter 300MM.

Size 400mm x 400mm